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Don’t Be A Dick! Dongzilla T-Shirt (Black & White)

$ 25.00

The new version of these t shirts are made with soft stretchable cotton for maximum comfort. This short sleeve T-Shirt is a great way for someone with a sense of humor to raise awareness for a very serious problem in any automotive enthusiast community. Often times people with cool cars are dicks, they have too much ego, and are very off putting for new and old enthusiast alike. Support your local automotive enthusiast community, wear this shirt and remind people with cool cars to not be a dick!

Logo on the front is in the upper left, with a large matching logo across the back. 

Currently only offered in black, but will be offered in other colors soon. 

Sizes S/M/L/XL  there is an addition charge for XXL, XXXL are available but at a small price increase. Please leave message in the notes. 


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