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My feature in Super Street Magazine

s14 rob ferguson

This is unreal to me. Inspirations and dreams that have come full circle. If I could go back in time, and tell my dorky 15 year old self that was a courtesy clerk at Albertson's, the same 15 year old that would wonder how people had such nice cars and got them into magazines like Super Street and Import Tuner and various others that I frequently read.

Well now I know! This may sound lame, but if you're a young person reading this, hold on tight to your dreams, stay enthusiastic and work hard, always stayed inspired, be kind to people and show respect. Because that is the only way this happened, yes I have been lucky to meet great people and work with them to make this thing happen, BUT meeting all of them would not have made any difference had I not stayed true to the first things I mentioned. Thank you to everyone that helped this thing become a reality, and all who helped motivate me, inspire me, and believed in my vision. (That is another big thing, have a vision)